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Discover Energy
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Discover Energy is a 100% Australia Owned energy retailer. We are committed to make a bigger difference by helping to reduce daily emissions more effectively by combing green energy and redistributing excess green energy back to the grids.
Discover Energy"s Virtual Power Plant(VPP):
Discover Energy"s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform has changed the market with innovative software-based API technologies, where access to hybrid Solar inverters allows energy trading without the need for expensive and unnecessary hardware.
The Discover Energy VPP will allow cloud-based sharing of stored battery energy at times of high spot prices. On top of the 25 cents per kWh feed-in-tariff, consumers will also receive 50% of the profit on all energy discharged from the battery and distributed through the Discover Energy VPP. At times of high demand, the potential for returns to the household can be quite large. The aim is to save consumers money and relieve stress on the grid.
By using the Discover Energy App and platform DE Insight, consumers can monitor the electricity spot prices, and decide to sell stored energy back to the grid when prices are high. The advanced algorithm using AI predicts spot prices, and consumers can then choose to discharge their batteries to maximize their returns.